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Monday, June 24, 2013

Clearly Susan's Wine Glass Giveaway

Clearly Susan's 

Hand painted Wine Glass Giveaway.....

hand painted wine glass of St. Malo in France

This is St. Malo in France which was specifically requested by a customer for her boss. She gave me pictures of different attractions in France that he loved and these is one of the set. Saint Malo is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the northern coast of France. It is a walled city with a long and varied history going back to at least Roman times. The other wine glass is the coastline of the South of France.

These are examples of a wine glass that you can win in which you request the design.

Win A Custom Hand painted Wine Glass.....$25 Value With A Design Of Your Choice. Enter To Win By Clicking On Our  Facebook App Below .                                                                                                                                                                                     
We Are Trying To Expand Our Social Reach. All You Have To Do Is "Like" Our Facebook Page, Give Us A Tweet, Or Make A Comment On Our Blog. Must Be Done Through The App To Get Credit. Giveaway Runs From June 24 Through July 17, 2013. You Can Enter As Many Times As You Want. Winner Will Be Notified By Email And Announced On Our Social Networks And Our Blog.

Thank You For Your Interest In Clearly Susan Hand painted glassware And Unusual Gift Items. If You Have Any Questions, Please, Contact Me Directly

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Friday, June 07, 2013

Hand painted Glassware For Dinner Parties by Clearly Susan

Clearly Susan.....

Utilize Our Hand painted Plates, Glasses, Cups and Saucers At Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner Party Etiquette......Who knew that there was still such a thing! Please, didn't that go out in the 60's or at least the 70's? Well, I know for a fact that it didn't in the true South as it is the Southern way to have good manners, mind your P's and Q's and for heaven sake set a nice table. 

Well, I must confess I am joking about does Dinner Party Etiquette still exist. Yes, it does, but what is so delightful is that now days you can set your table with a hodge podge of plates and crystal and it will turn out beautiful. I love the fact that you don't have to have matching plates, glasses, etc. Anything is all left to your imagination. Now you can express your own true style which is what it should be.

Anyway....thought you might like this article "Dinner Party Etiquette What You Should Know About It". It has some blast from the past on how vintage dinner parties were once conducted written by Emily Post in 1922(The Queen of Etiquette, and I say that reverently). 

Now remember, I advise everyone to do exactly what they want to do and be as creative as possible with your parties. It is your party so you handle it the way you think is best. Also, check out their resources tabs on the left for recipes, what kind of drinks to serve and even centerpieces. Be sure to dig deep as there are some real resource goodies inside.

I have included some items that we offer that might spruce up a luncheon or even a summer dinner party.

Yellow Wildflowers hand painted on cups and saucers, dinner plates, water glasses and whole set of serving pieces.